The Brown Family Genealogy


This is Teresa’s side of the family.  Actually, her genealogy includes the Munsell, Buchanan, Bird, Casner, Cleveland, Hooper, Coffey, Dollar, Gallaway, Rozell, and Shipp Families.


Her ancestors were among the original pioneers of the South and West.  They served  as officers and soldiers in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War (Confederacy), World War One, and Korea.  


They served as Georgia State Senator (Thomas Gilbert), Justice of the Peace (William Riley Brown), Wood County Commissioner, and County Sheriff (Peter Rozell).


The Casner Family was among the original settlers in Texas and was part of Stephen F. Austin’s founding colony.  Several were Texas Rangers.  They fought in the Texas Revolution and were awarded large land grants in Texas for their service.


The first documented case of “Road Rage” in America involved a Munsell ancestor.  During the American Revolution, Jacob Munsell  was riding his horse drawn buggy on a one lane path when an approaching carriage insisted he move over and yield.   He got into a shouting match with the driver as he felt he had as much right to the road as the carriage did.  Jacob yielded only after an appeal by the carriage’s passenger, General George Washington.  Even back then, we always seemed to piss off the wrong people!


Cleveland County North Carolina is named for a great uncle, Col. Benjamin Cleveland, commander of the victorious American Forces at the Battle of King’s Mountain.


We can also claim a distant relationship to President Grover Cleveland.  In the late 1600s, part of the Cleveland family stayed in the north (and gave rise to President Cleveland) and another part of the Cleveland family migrated south (and gave rise to us).


The chart below is just the beginning.  Our ancestors go back to the 1600s.

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