James Edward Brown

September 13, 1855 – September 17, 1943



James was born in Muscadine Alabama.  He was the youngest of 10 children born to William Riley Brown and Elizabeth Hooper.  He is the only one in his family to migrate to Texas. 


James lived in Muscadine in his early life and he married Martha Jane Scott in nearby Rosewood AL on February 8, 1880.  He worked as a farmer and had 10 children between 1881 and 1901:  Henry, John, Lonzo, Mary, Virgil, Thomas, Jesse, James, Harvey, Beulah.


Family legend (according to VA Brown) has it that James was running moonshine stills in Muscadine and one of his neighbors turned him in to the local authorities.  His stills were confiscated.  James got his trusty bullwhip and beat his “neighbor” to an inch of his life.  As punishment, all his land was forfeit and he forced to leave the state around 1902.


The family moved to Wood County Texas where his wife Martha died on January 29, 1903.  Soon after, he married Mary Angeline Snodgrass and they had two more children in Wood county: Alma and Earlie (Bud).


James died in Wood County on September 17, 1943.
























James Edward Brown Family (abt 1902)


FRONT: Thomas Grady (age 10), James Edward (47), Beulah (in lap;age 1), Jess (8), James Luther (6), Martha Jane Scott (43), Harvey Lee (in lap)

BACK:   Lon (18), Mary (15), Arthur (20), Virgil (VA) (12)

Not Shown: Henry Culman Brown (21)


Note:  Martha died within a year of this picture





James Edward Brown Family  (Mineola TX before 1972)

L to R:  Alma Hibbs, Beulah Skinner, Harvey Lee, James Luther, Jess, Virgil (VA), Lon, Henry Culman, John William Arthur