The Munsell Family


There is a vast network of Munsell Genealogists on the internet.  You will certainly find “cousins” galore with little effort.  I certainly did.


Many claim to be THE Munsell Genealogist.  But only Nancy Cunningham of Dallas Texas is the true THE Munsell Genealogist.  All the great family stories and anecdotes I learned from her.



William’s picture was put into his tombstone



Lorenzo came to DeWitt county in about 1889 from Mt. Vernon IL with his 2nd wife Margaret.  He brought many varieties of fruit trees with him. He had a great talent in raising vegetables and at one time supplied fresh vegetables to Scott and White hospital in Temple.

They moved to Richland Springs in about 1898 and purchased a farm 2.5 miles north of Richland Springs on the Brownwood road.  There, he planted a large pecan grove and farmed.  He and Margaret are buried in Richland Springs cemetery.  His pecan farms are still there today. See the big family picture


Thomas Jr. was a private in the Vermont Militia during the war of 1812 (10 Jul – Dec 1812).  He received a pension on Sep. 1871  (Illinois # 5109)


Thomas’ tombstone


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Fight with George Washington


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