Jack, Teresa, Georgia Grace, and Grant




1990:Next to the wreckage of the ill fated BA149

In the Gulf War, I wasnít in the family making business.

I was in the Iraqi killing business.

And cousin, business was a boomin!!!



1995:Happy couple in Las Vegas.I hit the jackpot!





1997:A couple becomes a family





May 2001:Georgiaís pre-school in Duncanville Texas




August 2004:In the center of the Capitol in Washington DC




May 2009:†† Georgiaís Graduation from Grammar School



June 2011: Surfing in NorCal




December 2014:Georgiaís 18th birthday party


July 2017: Diagon Alley in Orlando




The Genealogy of Jackís side can be described in terms of four immigrant Jewish families:

The Malkin Family

The Rosen Family

††† The Solomon Family

The Berlin Family


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