The Berlin Family


Max and Sarah Berlin

Taken about 1941



Max and Sarah’s Five Children

L to R: Top-Celia, Mildred, Mary

Bottom-Fay, Deborah


The Berlin side of the family is probably the most interesting.  Thanks to the internet I have found out quite a lot about them (including my first 18th century ancestor, Jossel Dyzsel -(1799 – 1869)- son of Mechel). 


The family has always been told that the Berlins came to the USA from Austria.  I was only able to find them once I realized that prior to World War One (when they lived), Austria was not the little country in Western Europe like it is today.  Then, it was the vast Austrian Empire.  It included present day Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Rumania Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine.  I finally found them in the Ukraine (AKA Eastern Galacia) in the towns of Skalat, Pidvolochisk, Kamionki, and Zbaraz.  Click here for a map of the region.


These towns were absolutely decimated in the Holocaust.  In some cases, surviving citizens put together Yizkor Books which described the lives of the people before, during, and after World War Two.   I was profoundly touched when I read them!


The Berlin family is mentioned in the Yizkor books of Pidvolochisk.  They were among the wealthiest of citizens.  They owned the seltzer factory and also ran a business dealing in leather goods.  However, the entire Berlin family (save one son named Moishe) was murdered.  Six Berlins died at the infamous Massacre at Feitel Hill on June 29, 1943.


The parents of our Berlin family in America are Max and Sarah Berlin.  Click HERE to read about them.


Click HERE to see a concise family tree of our Berlin ancestors.  It can be complicated J