Grant bought a skateboard with his own money.

            Don’t ever bring up that wipeout in Round Rock  



Grant was selected to be the bat boy for the Regents Varsity baseball team!

More bat boy pictures


The Captain and the Kid

Paw-Paw teaches Grant how to run the boat!



July 19:  Grant started skateboarding 5 months ago and already he can ollie well.

Great pic by Georgia :)




Sept. 11:  Texas Ski ranch


The 2 foot skateboard jump!


A little bowl work


Yes, he really is sideways and upside down!


Oct 10:  On the San Antonio Riverwalk during Paw-Paw’s squadron reunion


Nov. 6, 2010:  We went to a festival downtown and we ran into Leslie Cochran, the famous Austin transvestite!

Grant looks thrilled!

Leslie died on March 8, 2012 :(


We went to visit Alan in Dallas when we saw Dallas Cowboy Jesse Holley in the Embassy Suites.




Dec 30:  Grant with his instructor pro Tony Maples.

Grant had great memories skating at the 1:9 skate park with Tony in Lubbock.



Grant turns 10

Grant becomes a Blacksmith’s Apprentice

Trip to see Alan  (Feb10)

Spring Break Trip to Marfa (March 10)

Summer Trip to South Florida (June 2010)

Summer Trip to El Paso (July 2010)

Caverns of Sonora (July 2010)

SK8OBERFEST!:  Grant gets 3rd place

The Warehouse Skatepark