Jan 26, 2013:We were driving in Austin heading for Paw-Pawís 81st birthday party, when we noticed the most awesome car ever seen.We followed it into the parking lot of Le Madeleine in The Crossing.Grant gets out and asks for permission to take a picture of the car.He agreed and offered to let Grant sit in the driverís seat!!What a stellar guy!Grant had the thrill of his automotive life!

The car is an Enzo Ferrarri.Only 399 were made and if you can find one for sale, it would fetch 1.4 Ė 1.6 million dollars.

Do you recognize the backside of the owner?We think it is Carl Beal, the famous Midland oilman and race car driver.


March 25, 2013:Grant starts Tae Kwon Do


May 25, 2013:Grant started a lawn mowing business.Two neighbors used him today earning him $60 today.$250 so far!


Rule #1:Never take on Grandmaster Kim in a katana fight!


May 29, 2013:Grant did so well on his promotion test, the Master bypassed yellow belt and double promoted him toÖ


then, regrettably, the Master became One with the bankruptcy lawyers and went out of business:(



August 31, 2013:Grant had his first flying lesson at Georgetown Airport.His CFI Chuck was GREAT!

Grant got to take off and fly the airplane for most of the flight.Then Chuck demonstrated stalls and 70 degree bank turns (Grant loved pulling 3 Gs!)


June 2013:Grant takes up boxing!


Slipping a deadly left from Coach Art

Grant was the poster child for Coach Artís gym, Powerhouse Boxing and Conditioning

See his promotional Facebook/You Tube video starring Grant


Body shot for former West Point champion Lt. Billy ďthe kidĒ Meyers



Sparring at Perazim Boxing in Round Rock

Coach Xavier from Perazim Boxing looks on as Grant pummels this poor kid.



Sparring at Lordís Gym in Austin

Buoyed by his performance, Grant took on Angel Millian, the 14 year old Cuban champion at Lordís Gym in Austin.

So what if he is one year older and 10 pounds heavierÖ.how bad could it be?????

Pretty bad!



Grant went three 3 minute rounds with this tough kid.He took a lot of punishment but kept coming and he got a few shots in himself!

They guy behind Angel is his grandfather Juan, 1969 Cuban national Champion.He was Tiofilio Stevensonís sparring partner.


Mr. Lord told me Grant has nothing to be ashamed of!




Sparring at Georgetown Boxing Club (AKA Azteca)

World Champion Herb Fulton looks on as Eric eats a brutal right from Grant.

Ericís nose bled so much I was going to Type & Cross him for 2 units of red cells


Sparring Night at the Sluggers Gym in Pflugerville (November 12, 2013)

Grantís first opponent (left) was a year older and 16 pounds heavier.No problemo.After Grant finishes with him, he thinks he is done.But no!

They bring in the next guy who hasnít fought yet.He is two years older and only 26 pounds heavier.More of a problemo!

All things considered, I thought Grant did very well!Based on aggression, ring control, and effective striking, I think Grant won the round.

What do you think? (350MB)


Grantís first time at the range.195/200.Not bad!


More Sparring at Azteca


Grantís first knockdown

Caught him with a left hook coming in (watch it)


Droppin like flies!








Grant turns 13

Trip Downtown with Landry April 6, 2013