BACK:Coach Lowrie, Noah, Caleb, Walker, Michael, Coach Runte

FRONT:Grant, Kaleb, Parker, John, Corbin, Will



Grant was the starting point guard!



Good for 2 points!


Jan 20:Grantís AA team (white) was playing their rivals, the highly rated Regents AAA team (blue).Everyone thought the AA team would be massacred, but they were ahead the entire first half!They had no bench support and tired out, but they had their best game ever.

Grant scored 6 points and had some GREAT steals!

†††††† Feb 2:††† Regents played the first place team, the 6-1 St. Teresa team.Regents was on fire and smoked them 26-18! Grant scored 8 points and as usual had a lot of great steals!


Grant decided he would play on the roof!


I figured, while you are up there, you can clean the leaves out of the gutters!!





Regents 6th grade track team


May 20:We went zip lining at Lake Travis


June:Summer basketball camp at Southwestern University.

Grant wasnít the best basketball player on the team, but he was the best looking!!





Grant got straight As in his first term in middle school!!

(for future reference, he got $5 per A, and a $50 extra bonus for straight As)


Benold Middle School 7th Grade Basketball Team

Point Guard










Grant turns 12

Grant breaks his arm!!!

K1 Racing- Nov 12

Grant makes the Benold Middle School 7th Grade Basketball team!