Three generations of Stevens pilots

Grant did his first solo on his 16th birthday (the youngest age you can legally do so)


First Solo Takeoff!






First solo landing!

Battling 15 -20 knot winds made the approach difficult!



Grantís CFI Kellen Martin clipped Grantís tail feathers!


Americaís Youngest Pilot!






After the airplane solo, it was time for the automobile solo!

We went to the DMV and he passed his drivers test on the first attempt.

He even passed the parallel parking (I didnít)

We celebrated with green naked women at Conanís Pizza!



Chopper tries to eat the birthday cake


We went to Ichiko to eat pork bellies. Yum!






Grantís 2nd solo:Flying over Granger Lake.A boat waved at him (since he was practically water skiing with them) so he waved back




Easter at Boulevardiers in Dallas


While we were in Dallas, we made a pilgrimage to Dealy Plaza and the grassy knoll.

30 seconds later about 100 Japanese tourists came and frolicked on the knoll.They did the same thing at Pearl Harbor when I was there.

I was hoping for a special magic bullet that would blow brains into him instead of out of him!





4- peat!!!!!

Straight As for four semesters in a row!



Trip to Seaside Florida:June 2016



Sep 2, 2016: Night landing at Georgetown



5- peat!!!!!!!

Straight As for five semesters in a row!



Trip to NYC: December 2016