Maggie Lombardi came from Chicago to visit !!!  Most everyone was happy about it J




We were walking in Barton Creek mall, and a photographer in the Picture People gallery thought the kids were so cute he offered to do a photo shoot on them for free (I am not making this up!!!).  I thought this was the best picture.



Nov 5, 2006:  Georgia played her first Academy sanctioned match at the Lost Creek Country Club.  She played Emma and won 8 – 3!

It was a great match and everyone had fun.



Mrs. Moore’s 4th Grade Class

FRONT:       Cynthia Co. Tyler Anderson, Georgia Stevens, Zach Manweiler, Emma Adams, Mrs. D’Lane Moore

MIDDLE:     Ellie Stratton, Matthew Reay, Luke Anderson, Drew Wenske, Catherine Walters

BACK:         Cole Claunch, Katie Egbert, Sarah Evans, Maddi Busby, Alex Wilder, Natalie Baker




9th birthday party


Georgia’s Christmas play


The big cotillion dance


Lubbock Science Spectrum


Carnival and Livestock Show


Trip to the Lubbock Winery


Grandparent’s Day


Summer Vacation


Trip to Chicago


May May’s Wedding