Daddy/Daughter sock hop March 2005



Daddy/Daughter spy mission March 2005


Summer fun at the beach. Summer 05


Harry Potter Party at Barnes & Noble.    15 Jul 05

Professor McGonagall and the kids cast their spell


The cousins show off their poodle skirts at the family reunion in Sweetwater


Aug 21.  We were driving home from the circus when we spotted 5 elephants walking down the I-35 access road.  We couldn’t get close because the police were behind them .  So I drove around the back streets to come out in front of them and sure enough, they marched right in front of us.  The kids jumped out of the car for a chance to be 20 feet from a couple of un-caged elephants.


Relaxing in the spa with Mauree



Georgia stands tall before the man representing her class at the regional spelling bee.



Mrs Davis 3rd Grade

FRONT:  Landon Opel, Jessica Daniels, Ivy Harrison, Georgia Stevens, Celeste Haggard, Mrs. Davis

MIDDLE: Hannah Szeneri, Emma McClellan, Jordan Lester, Cole Claunch, Darby Duncan, Heather Woodcock

BACK: Noel McKnight, Sarah Evans, Brad Stookey, Matthew Reay, Nathan Kyle





Georgia turn 8


2nd Annual Stevens Christmas Party


New Years Eve 2005


Spring Break in Florida


San Antonio Zoo


Apple Picking in Lubbock