Grant turns 15!

He didnít want a party so we gave him $300.

Georgia heard about it, searched, and pointed out that she only got $200!(

I pointed out that she was only 14 then and I had to consider the effects of inflation.

Georgia was not convinced.Curse you!!!!!!



Jan 28, 2015: Grant gets his learners permit!

Passed on the first attempt!

We sent to Burger University to celebrate.Georgia waited on us.


Easter 2015


Grant made STRAIGHT As for the entire year!!


To the victor, goes the $64 steak!


After studying all summer, Grant passed his FAA Private Pilot written exam on his first attempt!

He will be eligible to solo on his 16th birthday.



Straight As for 3rd straight semester! (Fall Soph)



Motherís Day at Eddie Vs


Summer trip to Atlantis†† June 15-20, 2015


Trip to NYC (Dec 2015)