2nd Grade Class



Upward Basketball (2/08)

The Mountaineers


Oak Hill Spring Baseball (3/08)

The Cardinals

FRONT: Parker, Trey, Grant, Jacob, Keegan

MIDDLE: Matthew, Brian, Noah, Curt, Ryan

BACK: Coach John, Curtis, Kevin, Beck


Horseshoe Bay Invitational Tennis Tournament: (Sep 7, 2008)

8 and under Boys Division-Champion

Sunburned and weary.  In 100 degree heat, Grant played seven 8 year old boys, who were club champions from around central Texas, and had seven victories!



Whitney’s wedding:   April 12, 2008



South Dakota: August



8th Birthday Party

Spring Break Trip to Disneyworld

Grant Makes the Oak Hill All Star Baseball Team!

Summer Trip to the Northern United States

Trip to Abilene