Georgia continued the tradition by making a birthday hat for Grant.  We had the party at Blazer Tag.  There are no pictures because the arena was dark and spooky.  But it was a lot of fun.







Grant was selected as Lost Creek Country Club’s Most Valuable male tennis player for 2006.   He received his trophy at a ceremony at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Austin on April 29th.



Grant and the team at the Round Rock Express game






Cardinals 2007







Mrs. Boyd’s First Grade Regents Class




The CE-Bar Firemen dropped by to let the kids use the fire hose.




The Last Harry Potter Party with Professor Umbridge


Grant is looking for an excuse to fall into the pond



Scrappers get caught in a rain storm and take shelter under “Camp Jacob



A friendly buck in Venison World in Eden Texas




Grant nominates himself for the Darwin awards!







HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!     2008








Branson Summer Road Trip

Trip to Amarillo and Santa Fe

Grant Hits a 3 Run HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!

Fall Trip to San Francisco

Scrappers win the Oak Hill Fall League Baseball Championship!!