January 21, 2018

America’s Newest Adult!




We went to Ruth’s Chris for steak and cake!


Feb. 24, 2018: Grant was selected to be a participant in the Mr. Eagle pageant.

Mo-Ma was his escort!


March 22, 2018:  Funny flight story to remember.  So Grant is flying a solo cross country when suddenly his battery goes dead in the middle of the flight.  He lost his radio and navaids in the middle of San Antonio International airspace.  He happens to see an airport with a nice long runway right beneath him.  So he circles to land (com-out).  Ordinarily, he might be commended for getting the aircraft safely on the ground during an in-flight emergency.  Unfortunately, he landed on Randolph Air Force Base, which, as it turns out, is forbidden to do.  Suddenly he is being chased by the Base Security Police Force.  They ordered him out of the plane, cuffed him, and made him assume the position prone on the tarmac. They impounded the plane, and we had to drive to San Antonio to get him.  Click here to see the telemetry of the fateful flight.



April 25, 2018: Top 10% dinner






Mother’s Day 2018



High School Graduation Day

1 June 2018


Georgia had clinicals and couldn’t come.

So we photoshoped her in…and made her taller!


A & M bound!




Raking it in!


Day before leaving for TAMU