Trip to NYC Dec 2015



Easter 2016




Trip to Seaside Florida:  June 2016




Lollapalooza in Chicago:  July 2016




Congratulations to…

Georgia Grace Stevens, CNA!





Trip to NYC:  December 2016



March 9, 2017

This is the news Nursing School fans around the world have been waiting for…



Easter 2017: at the Capitol Grille


Family Trip to Universal Studios:  July 2017



Georgia turns 21!!

(You can throw away the fake ID now!)



Britney Spears concert in Las Vegas


One of Britney’s B-boys grabbed Georgia from the audience and danced with her!


Trip to NYC: December 2017


Congratulations…Madame Ambassador!


Ambassadors at Work!



Mother’s Day 2018







When the NCLEX test machine shut off after only 75 questions in a 6 hour test, it meant that Georgia was either brilliant or a hopeless moron.  When she got this e-mail two days later, the diagnosis was confirmed!

Congratulations…Georgia Stevens RN