Happy 16th!

We offered her a big party, but she wanted cash instead!!







Varsity Tournament in Killeen TX: Feb. 1, 2013









2nd Place Doubles (with Hannah)



Feb. 24, 2013: AESA Jr. Winter Open at Polo Club

16 Girls Singles

2nd Place



March 3, 2013: San Antonio Zone Advancement Tournament

16 Girls Singles

2nd Place


March 14, 2013: Texas A & M Consolidated Tournament in Bryan

1st Place Doubles


March 21, 2013: Westwood Tournament in Round Rock

2nd Place Doubles


March 26, 2013: Copperas Cove High School Varsity Tournament

Bronze Medal Doubles (with Hannah)


April 11, 2013: District 17 AAAA Tennis Tournament

Silver Medal Doubles


May 5, 2013: AESA Jr. Spring Open at Polo Club

16 Girls Singles

1st Place


Once again, Georgia is promoted to the Championship Division in Texas!


Georgia blasts an axe kick on the bag. (Her foot is coming DOWN! It peaked 3 inches higher)


July 1, 2013: A date which will live in infamy!

Georgia gets her Drivers License!!!!


Georgetown High School Girls Varsity Tennis Team

2013 2014

FRONT: Sam Clark, Lena Arndt, Ashlee Montgomery, Karina Calderon, Ashley Brooks, Amber Cornman, Justus Aarhus, Georgia Stevens

BACK: Paige Sheridan, Mary Blake Windham, Hannah Walden, Erika Wong, Bethany Wilson, Destiny Moore














Trip to Pensacola to see the Inkels for Spring Break

Trip to Six Flags

Georgia is ranked #1 in the State of Texas for Zone Advance tennis players in the 16 girls division (April 17 2013)

Maggie Lombardi comes to visit!

Varsity Tennis Banquet (August 16, 2013)

Six Flags Trip